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© 2016 by James Imrie

....If  you're  fond  of  sand  dunes

and  salty  air....


Listen Live and Relax

From the beaches of Brazil to the sunsets of Ibiza....from the jazz clubs of New York to the cafes of Paris....from the Riviera to the Caribbean......




Music doesn't always have to have words to touch the heart. Sometimes just a melody can take you places you can only dream of.

Enjoy the sounds of lounge music from the 50's and 60's, along with today's neo-lounge artists, and interviews with the most interesting characters from the world of swank.

...more than just jazz....more than just chill...


"Grooving to some of the best music.....thanks for streaming our tracks....you've got good ears!"

Bret Menezes (ReDux RMX)

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