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© 2016 by James Imrie

James Imrie

(aka DJ Zazoo)

The founder of This is Lounge has experienced creative endeavors throughout his life. As a young adult, he took up playing the bass guitar, which resulted in his joining numerous bands. His post secondary education in Journalism and Creative Writing fuelled his passion for creative outlets in another way. Coupled with a keen interest in photography, James became a published Rock Writer (Beetle Magazine) in the 70’s, followed by a stint in the Fashion world, editing and shooting photos for menswear trade magazine, Manstyle, as well as the pages of The Toronto Sun newspaper.


He was also often found between the turntables at parties and events, spinning tunes at the height of the Disco era.  His love of many genres of music, from alternative to chill-out, inspired him to use his creativity to compile genre-blending mixes. Today, his work can be found under the moniker DJ Zazoo at Mixcloud and b00mb0x.org. His Radio Zazoo Pirate Broadcasts on internet radio station Radiojive, were the stepping stone to creating his own station.  

About the station

"Basically, I started the station because I couldn't get the mix of music I wanted on any other station. I like to consider myself an old romantic. That being said, like any great creative person, I'm influenced by many muses in my life. I draw inspiration from lost loves, present loves, friends and their loves, not to mention the influence of social media, film, and television."

"The station is my Desert Island collection, my beach house and year-round Summer soundtrack, to share with the world. It remains a relaxing mix of chillout, ambient, and jazz genres that I feel sets it apart from the usual Chillout formatted stations."


"My idea for a more romantic mix, foregoing the sounds of jazzy house usually found on most Chillout stations, was also an inspiration. For me, it was an annoyance, listening to a soft, delicate piece, only to segue into some house track considered as chillout! Don't get me wrong - I'm also a fan of that jazzy house! Most stations of the chill genre incorporate that ambient-with-a-beat sound. I would like This Is Lounge to stand out as the ‘go to’ station for a more relaxed vibe. It should also be said that I’m not afraid to kick it up a notch with our More Than Just Lounge show on Saturday nights. "


"As you will hear, my idea of Lounge not only incorporates Jazz and Chill, but also diverse elements such as ambient and exotica/swank. There are serious segments incorporated into the playlist, along with some fun - 60's Italian spy movie soundtracks, space age bachelor pad music, 50's torch jazz, and 80's pop covered in a lounge style, blended with bossa nova beats and ambient soundscapes, plus modern variations on hip hop and trip hop, side-by-side with big band jazz. Discovering new artists working new digital technology into their beats, yet still fitting comfortably between the established genres presented is always a delight to find. I know the programming works when I hear the ambient sounds of Snowday segue seamlessly into Diana Krall.”


"Since music makes the world go round, music of the world makes this station go round! Researching the station’s hand-picked playlist, you will hear the sounds of many different languages - English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese .....they all are heard on This is Lounge - perhaps a result of my multicultural surroundings here in Canada."


Thank you for tuning in.


- DJ Zazoo


About the music
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